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On Tuesday, November 7, 2023 residents of Williamson County Emergency Services District #2 (WCESD #2) will be asked to vote on a Local Sales and Use Tax. If this proposition passes, your neighborhood fire department (Sam Bass Fire Department) will benefit greatly, resulting in an enhancement of care and protection for you, our citizens. If this proposition passes, your property tax rates will not increase, rather there will be a sales tax on certain items sold in the ESD #2 area that are not currently at the maximum of 8.25%. Members of the Sam Bass Professional Fire Fighters Association (SBPFFA) would be humbled and grateful for you to vote in favor of this proposition. 


Before you cast your vote, we want to ensure you have the information necessary to make an informed decision. We encourage you to submit any questions that you may have to the link at the bottom of this page. Below is information and answers to common questions about this proposition and why we ask for you to vote in favor of it.



Every time you purchase a taxable item a sales tax is collected. Taxable items include all retail sales such as clothes, shoes, household goods; leases and rentals of most goods; as well as services such as lawn care, cleaning services and pest control. Items which are not taxable include most grocery items, prescription drugs, and medical services.

 In Texas, the maximum sales tax that can be collected is         

In Texas, the maximum sales tax that can be collected is $0.0825 per $1 (8.25%). Of the 8.25% the State captures $0.0625 (6.25%) and allows any public entity that completes a voter approved process to collect the remaining (2%). Currently all ESD’s who provide a paid fire staff (Liberty Hill, Hutto, Jarrell, Jollyville, Florence) as well as municipal departments (Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Leander) collect Sales and Use Tax to assist with Emergency Service Operations.

Is This A Property Tax? Will Your Property Taxes Go Up?

No. Your property tax will not increase as a result of this proposition. This is a sales and use tax, which will be applied to all taxable goods and services purchased within the District boundaries. This would apply to local residents and anyone traveling to or through the District who purchases taxable goods and services.

Why Sales Tax?

By having a sales and use tax, WCESD #2 would be shifting a portion of the funding for emergency services from property owners to anyone buying taxable goods and services in the District. The District has chosen to seek additional funding through a sales tax so some of the funding for emergency services will be shared by those traveling through the County who also use the District’s emergency services (currently non-residents get the benefit of the District emergency services which are paid for entirely by residents’ property taxes).

Why Should Sam Bass Fire Department Get This?

With the increasing population, traffic, and commercial growth of our district and surrounding areas the Sam Bass Fire Department (SBFD) is seeing a rapid increase in call volume. Since 2017 our call volume has increased by 60%, with substantial more development expected in just the next two years alone. In order to meet the current and future demands while keeping the same quality of care citizens of this community have come to expect, we need additional revenue to meet the growing demands.

What will Sam Bass Fire Department Do With The Funds?

Better safety and care for our citizens is our ultimate goal. These additional funds will go directly towards accomplishing this. A percentage of funds will be allocated for purchasing additional apparatuses and equipment. Some of the funds will go towards ensuring sufficient staffing by encouraging better recruitment and retention of personnel. Some of the funds will be used to enhance personnel by paying for more training and continuing education.

How Do I Find It On The Ballot?

The ballot will read as follows:

"Williamson County Emergency Services District No. 2: Proposition A"

"The adoption of a local sales and use tax in the Williamson County Emergency Services District No. 2 at the rate of two percent, excluding any area of the district where a local sales and use tax is already imposed at a rate of two percent."

Is There More Than One Proposition A On The Ballot?

Yes, there are 3 Proposition A's:

The Proposition A, under the Emergency Services District is in regards to the election of a Sales & Use Tax.